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By Mona
Chatter Bears was created to be an open and safe space for talking about anything. We would like for our members to feel comfortable speaking their minds and expressing their opinions with minimal restrictions. We would like this forum to be a place that you can talk about even the most controversial or sensitive topics. 

However, we ask that members be respectful towards others when discussing topics. We understand that everyone has different opinions and experiences that they would like to share. But we will be required to step in and moderate posts/discussions if they become hateful or not productive in any way. We absolutely do not allow name-calling or putting down of other people or ideas, as well as racist and derogatory names/insults. If a controversial topic is being presented, it will be allowed if it is brought up in a respectful and productive way for a purpose. For example: Racism will not be tolerated, but a person discussing their personal experiences with a particular race and looking for feedback or input will be allowed if it is presented respectfully; Racism that is brought up for no point or just to hurt others will not be permitted. 

Ultimately, the moderators will have the discretion to decide when to intervene and give warnings. 
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