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Well I think its a very rough problem in that I get the impression that the brain is very hard to penetrate outside of what we know each part correlates with. I think we build set mechanics rough programs based and copied by the world around us. Simple answer though: I've never heard a single free will example that I had to consider for more than 10 seconds. They just don't exist. Agency/Consciousness within the realm of reality should just be a tier down from the deterministic universe- WHICH IT IS. :D

The nurture thing I believe is completely out the window, way too many people being killed in countries for it and the world as a whole generally shuns homosexuality- if not for the moral ambiguity people feel, but for the mental effort it takes just to build a new interpersonal set of rules and perspective that just plain take work. I also read a couple threads on reddit that were really interesting about guys who will explode  when their prostate is tickled but aren't gay whatsoever and a then another (I think it was a linked discussion in that thread) about a huge minority of gay men that HATE anal sex. Are closest cousins in the animal kingdom are bonobos: roughly 40% bisexual. 
d3vaLL wrote: Agency/Consciousness within the realm of reality should just be a tier down from the deterministic universe- WHICH IT IS. :D
In a world governed by determinism, how do you feel about the moral/ethical obligation and/or punishment we invoke within society? For example, if a person was born a sociopath, should that person still be held accountable for what they may or may do, based on their 'determined' tendencies?
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