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Pornography, rape culture, sex trafficking & misogyny
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Talked about this recently with Mona while listening to one of Sam Harris' podcast. He didn't seem list many of the things that are concerning. I will list some that I think are legitimate concerns when referencing pornography.

- Start to lack intimacy in real life relationships
- Porn Addiction
- Preferring porn instead of sexual interaction from your spouse
- Mindset of objectifying women
- Premature erectile dysfunction
- Arousal standards become dysfunctional / detrimental to real life partners
- Blurred lines of fantasizing women in real life vs. computer screen
- Supporting of women trafficking and illegal activity

I am sure Mona will point out other things I have missed, but this is a starting point. How do you feel about porn? Do you think it causes issues in relationships and the way our society views/objectifies women throughout the media and in social structures?
I was just thinking that these webcam porn sites are probably why twitch is such full of the mentality of tipping the streamers (with bits, subs, donations) to have them perform, especially with women streamers.

Tip for squats, tip for name on the board, tip for some sort of physical action on camera.... While these aren't sexual in themselves, there is perhaps a certain thrill of control, this girl is doing this thing because I paid for it.
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