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Paranormal, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, out of body, near death, etc.
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So, something interesting happened tonight.

I laid down to rest after a long day at work and ended up taking up a nap for 2 hours. The dream I had started with me being drunk, which is the first time I've actually been drunk in a dream, it felt very much like being drunk in real life with a small twist of being fully aware which was quite interesting.

The dream pretty much involved me being with friends, going from a pre-party towards the club which was a long way.

Here's the weird thing, one friend was pulling a cart with large speakers on it as we were walking. It was playing the same song throughout the walk, it was a song I've never heard before but it had instrumentals and everything. I remember some of the lyrics from the song, and keep in mind this was an actual song, so I googled the lyrics but there's no existing song with those lyrics, which is really strange. It's like, my head somehow made a song with lyrics together with instrumental and made it to sound like an actual song in my head.

The part of the lyrics that I remember was "How can she just go on, and not care about the pain she caused". Is this a subconcious sadness/questioning from a previous heartbreak, or just a random dream; I don't know, but it was truly a different dream and just wanted to share as I know atleast me and James actually find the subconcious to be an interesting topic.

My story telling for the day. 
Very interesting!
Have you also considered the fact that it could be a mash up of two songs that you've heard before, or possibly are confusing the words of another song? The subconscious mind is a tricky thing. 
that is very interesting, my friend. I don't think I remember hearing a song that doesn't exist within my dreams, but maybe (as stevaw stated) it was a mixed between two songs you've heard before. Can you sing it for us in TS? :mrgreen:

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