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By todowww
Atlanta (2016, comedy-drama)
Just finished this amazing show and can confidently call it one of my favorites. I'm a big fan of comedy and had to try this show out. But I was not expecting the show to make me laugh as hard and as many times as I did. The show also has awesome acting. Donald Glover (creator of the show and actor in the show aka Childish Gambino) really surprised me here. He combines all of his great talents (composing, rapping, comedy, acting, etc) and showcases them in Atlanta. I do not know if he composed or rapped or sang on any of the songs/music in the series, but the music selection will make you want to bob your head at the credits after each episode. The characters are also lovable and you become attached to them. The series is 10 episodes long with ~20 minutes per episode. Give it a shot! Highly recommended.
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