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In the phone world, I've been a switch hitter for a very long time. But recently, I have a newfound respect for Apple. Aside from the obvious "lock-down" they enforce with iTunes, they seem to be the superior device in multiple ways, and I will explain why.

But first, let me get in a nice jab! Back in late 2013, AnandTech published an article called "They're (Almost) All Dirty: The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks". This basically provided evidence that big name manufactures such as ASUS, HTC, LG and Samsung, were cheating their benchmarks to achieve higher scores. I pasted part of the table he created in the article for your viewing pleasure. The entire article can be found here: ... benchmarks


Fast forward to February 2017, yes, this week! Android is caught cheating benchmarks again! This time it is manufacturer OnePlus, in their latest mobile device, the OnePlus 3T. You can find that article here: ... -cheating/

Now that I got the jabbing out of the way, let me explain why that was necessary. Most android users I talk to always gloat about specs, or RAM, or even "benchmarks", compared to what Apple shells out, year by year. And while that is true, (such as the OnePlus 3 being one of first phones having 6GB of RAM), it doesn't necessarily mean much when it isn't utilized properly. You can also say the same for battery size versus real world testing. "My Android device has a 3,000 mAh Battery while your iPhone only has a 1,715 mAh battery." This doesn't necessarily matter at all.

Take the LG G4 and the iPhone 6s. Both were manufactured in 2015, and both meet the specs in my example. The LG has a battery of 3,000 mAh, while the iPhone 6s has a battery size of 1,715 mAh. If you see the picture below, I have taken data from a basic battery benchmark done by Anandtech back in 2015. It shows multiple tests among many other devices, but I cut out all other phones to display the two we are comparing now. That article can be found here: ... s-review/8


As we can see, the iPhone 6s surpasses the LG G4 in almost every test, aside from the 4G LTE last longer. Again, the LG L4 has a battery size increase of almost 60% (compared to the iPhone), in which the battery life should also last significantly longer than the iPhone too, right? At least this is what most Android users think when they spread their "benchmarks" or "specs" around, as if they mean anything. Some Android fans should just accept that specs don't mean much when a battery capacity that is almost half the size of yours is out performing you consistently, okie dokie?

This is going to be a very long post, so I will stop for now. My next part of the post will discuss what kind of hard drives are used within Android vs iPhones (UFS vs NVMe). I will then get into IPS LCD vs AMOLED, and Gorilla Glass vs Sapphire Glass.

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